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An urban outdoor brand from bavaria for 

quality goods to venture out. 

Jeckybeng is part of an urban outdoor movement – a movement of inspired urbanites who see the world from a different perspective and are not afraid to question their everyday life. They try to figure out the elemental question as to why our modern society always seems to have to compete with nature instead of striving to achieve harmony. With our interviews, stories, pictures and products, we at Jeckybeng are addressing all of you who are searching for deceleration, sustainability and balance – those who want to rediscover nature.

Go Shit in the Wood.


Every day, we are imagining and engineering new products that meet the practical requirements of wilderness and the esthetical preferences of our design-savvy generation. The products that we develop according to these wishes are designed to be a reliable companion in the city, travelling or simply outdoors.

As urbanites, we are searching to find inspiration and equilibrium in nature. But why do we do this wearing an over-engineered garment made of plastic and looking like we are going to battle with nature? And why do we have a jacket for every occasion in our wardrobes – one for the city and one for the outdoors?

All these questions have encouraged us to design an urban outdoor collection made entirely from natural materials.


JECKYBENG was founded in 2011 by graphic designer Moritz Lorenz who wanted to combine his love for design with his passion for the great outdoors.

 The taste of salt on your lips as the sun drifts towards the horizon and you’re still hungry for the waves. The creaking of the deep snow as you take one step after another and the untouched powder is calling your name. The smell of pinewood on the forest trail as the golden autumn sun is shining through the branches. Indescribable moments out in nature that make you smell the scent of freedom all around you. Accepting responsibility for man and nature, we produce equipment to keep you company on your outdoor adventures. Enjoy nature, respect it and keep your eyes open for the essential things in life.




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